More women are writing about China, doing business in China and generally doing interesting things in China than ever before, and we want more of their voices to be heard.

NüVoices is a new editorial collective gathering veteran and emerging writers, journalists, translators and artists to celebrate and support the diverse creative work of women working on the subject of China (broadly defined).

We are working on our first anthology to showcase great work from women on China and we host events and chat forums in different cities worldwide to create a large, supportive community that includes male colleagues.

Our directory of nearly 500 female experts on Greater China is a popular tool for journalists and event organizers and has significantly boosted women and minorities’ representation in media and conference programming.

We welcome support and feedback from all readers and art consumers regardless of gender — please get in touch with any suggestions for our projects or if you’d like to be involved.

In addition to the upcoming print anthology, our website will regularly publish essays, articles, multimedia projects and other original content.

Submissions and general contact form available here.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter for updates.


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