We are looking for writing (both fiction and non-fiction) and illustration (photography, painting, mixed media) from persons identifying as a woman on the subject of China (broadly defined). There are no theme restrictions but please see the following guidelines:

  • We ask that the works prominently feature female characters (usually, of Chinese descent including contested parts of China).

  • We are looking for pieces based on in-depth reporting and immersive research in Greater China as well as pieces on your personal experiences (to promote diversity, priority will be given to essayists of Chinese descent).

  • We are eager to see originality — pieces that provide a sharp and articulate take on an experience or topic that hasn’t been done or not done enough from interesting angles.

  • For our print anthology, we won’t focus on the “expat” experience because a recent anthology, While We’re Here, has already examined this theme in detail.

  • However, we will publish a wide range of works on our “Community” page. When pitching short, informal pieces for the website, please also use the form below and indicate it will be for online.

  • As a general guideline to keep in mind, completed pieces for the anthology will have a recommended word count of around 3,000 words. Poetry or other vignettes can be much shorter.

  • Reported non-fiction pieces should be narrative, magazine-style features rather than news stories.

  • Please aim to send pitches for pieces that may remain timely, clear and accessible years from now.  If you have any questions or would like assistance in crafting your pitch, please reach us using the form below.

  • Our goal is to publish the anthology in 2019, and we will distribute proceeds from sales among contributors and editors.

  • Recommended Resource: From ‘Lives’ to ‘Modern Love’: Writing Personal Essays With Help From The New York Times”