Navigating my biracial identity as a Chinese-American living in China

BY MEGAN CATTEL I had been living in Shanghai for almost a year when I met a Chinese-American acquaintance for dinner. We had met once before, in New York, where [ … ]

Overseas Chinese reflect on China’s #MeToo Movement from the United States

BY GLORIS LIU An original version of this piece was published in 2018 under the title “Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault in the U.S. and China” in Gloris Liu’s blog. China’s [ … ]

Q&A: Young women discuss gender and education in China today

BY OLIVIA A. HALSALL Whether at school, university or in the workplace, young women in China are grappling with gender inequality. In 2018, the Global Gender Gap Report – benchmarking the progress towards [ … ]

“Your Mother Sacrificed Herself for the Country” – The Idealization of the Female Martyr in China 

BY EMILY MATSON When I first visited the northeastern provincial capital of Harbin to conduct dissertation research, I had never heard the name Zhao Yiman. This was soon to change, [ … ]

10 Tips for writing life stories from Madeleine O’Dea, author of The Phoenix Years

BY MADELEINE O’DEA This piece is an edited version of a workshop given by Madeleine O’Dea and hosted by NüVoices London on July 3, 2019. Special thanks to volunteers Jessie [ … ]

James Griffiths, author of The Great Firewall of China, discusses censorship and China’s women’s movement

BY GLORIS LIU AND DAISY SINGH-GREAVES  “China’s censors do not care about blocking content, they care about blocking solidarity,” James Griffiths writes in his debut book The Great Firewall of China: [ … ]

NüVoices Podcast: Sino-Black relations with Keisha Brown

Keisha Brown is an assistant professor of history at Tennessee State University and a fellow in the Public Intellectuals Program at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. In this episode, she explains the [ … ]

Packed room of 40+ joined London Wanel featuring Lijia Zhang on Lotus and China’s sex trade

BY NERYS AVERY NüVoices board member and author Lijia Zhang gave a fascinating insight into the lives of prostitutes in contemporary China at a wanel (women panel) moderated by Hong [ … ]

Introducing MADE IN: A new podcast promoting Asian-Canadian stories

BY EVELYN KWONG MADE IN is a new podcast about Asian-Canadian stories, as told by Asian-Canadians. In each episode, we share stories about navigating through life and finding our identity [ … ]

Podcast: Contemporary Chinese art and techno-orientalism with Xin Wang

Xin Wang is a John Tisch Teaching Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City and a Ph.D. student studying contemporary art at the NYU Institute of [ … ]

Board Member Karoline Kan Wins 2019 Young China Watcher of the Year

We are thrilled to congratulate board member Karolin Kan for winning the 2019 Young China Watcher of the Year Award! She was recognized for her contributions to telling her story—and [ … ]

Postcard Campaign: Free journalist and #MeToo activist Sophia Huang Xueqin

A message from NüVoices DC chapter:  Prominent feminist and independent journalist Sophia Huang Xueqin was detained in Guangzhou, China, on October 17. Huang is a leading figure in China’s #MeToo movement. [ … ]