Berlin Stammtisch: Launch of Europe’s NüVoices network


The Stammtisch (German for a friendly get-together around a table) was a perfect opportunity for us to meet in person to brainstorm on best ways of getting good China stories out. One member travelled to Berlin from France to join the gathering. The discussion began with China news reports in conventional media. We believe that the power structure of some prominent media organizations affect the way China is being reported and that diversified views and perspectives are missing.

Questions were raised regarding: 1) who would be our targeted audience if we were to write stories outside of mainstream media; 2) what platform to use and where the funding comes from; 3) would it be a constructive for journalists with field experience to team up with researchers of think tanks and academia?

Thanks to everybody’s input, we’ve come up with following ideas and suggestions:
1. Expand the original NüVoices expert list to include experts in German/Germany (perhaps also add a column showing expert’s language)
2. Use NüVoices as a platform to build contents and use this as a forum for posting relevant studies and issues
3. Change of format in story-telling — formats other than news reporting. Engage through music festivals, film festivals, etc.
4. Possible ways of funding: grant application, membership, donation, crowdfunding, etc.
5. Reach out to similar organizations like NüVoices, connect to other channels outside of media such as museums and
Germany-based groups like ProQuote, connect into think tanks like GPPI

Perhaps this is the first step toward a bright future of independent reporting that embraces a diversity of voices 🙂

About the author

Bessie Du is a writer and former China correspondent and is now based in Berlin. She oversees NüVoices’ Europe-based network. To reach Bessie, email bessiedu99[at]gmail.com.