NüVoices Podcast #10: All-female improv group “Beijing Broads”

In the 10th episode of the NüVoices Podcast, Alice Xin Liu and Sophie Lu interview Anete and Silvia — members of the all-female improv group Beijing Broads! Comprising participants from seven different countries and six different first languages, the group has been performing for over two years.

Alice and Sophie learn to improv with the infamous “sex with me” gag. They also talk with Anete and Silvia about supporting the charity Educating Girls of Rural China (www.egrc.ca), about comedy in China — especially for women — and how to get women to believe in themselves so they can perform more comfortably onstage.

For recommendations: Alice recommends Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness, by Dr. Qing Li, who describes a Japanese practice that has become a popular remedy for stress in the West. Sophie recommends re-watching old movies and calls for a takedown of the movie Miracle on 34th Street, where a single mother is vilified. Silvia recommends saying “You’re good enough” to yourself repeatedly and overtly, and believing it. Anete recommends the “just start” attitude to sports, whether it is hitting the gym or something else.

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