Introducing MADE IN: A new podcast promoting Asian-Canadian stories


MADE IN is a new podcast about Asian-Canadian stories, as told by Asian-Canadians. In each episode, we share stories about navigating through life and finding our identity as Asian women living in North America, hoping others can fill in the black to where they are ‘made in.’
From finding our own understanding of beauty in defying Asian and Western standards, to unpacking the model minority myth, especially when we feel we should be silenced after traumatic incidents to upkeep a a facade of perfection, our podcast hopes to break the boxes we’ve been told to put ourselves into to find our voice. Through conversation, debate, and letting our voices be heard, we hope that by addressing our struggles and successes, we can better understand ourselves and how we fit into the world.
Listen and subscribe to our podcast here!
About Evelyn Kwong
Evelyn Kwong is a digital producer at the Star. When she’s not on the look out for breaking news, she’s frequently contributing to various music publications and attempting to master every single Mariah Carey hit before the album Butterfly. An avid walker, you’ll often find her on strolling in Chinatown, going on culinary expeditions and learning about her Chinese-Canadian culture through cuisine. Twitter: @EVYSTADIUM