Girl, Interpreted: a new bilingual comedy web series made in Melbourne


Have you ever experienced the awkwardness of being caught in between two cultures? Check out this bi-lingual comedy, a Mandarin interpreter is learning the hard way. Watch all episodes here: https://bit.ly/2s61uRl

More about the project

GIRL, INTERPRETED is a bilingual Mandarin-English comedy about Lillian, an interpreter caught in a tussle of cultures and words during the most unexpected interpreting assignments.

Inspired by writer/director Grace Feng Fang Juan’s professional experience as an interpreter, the series was funded by the Screen Australia online production fund and developed and produced with the assistance of Film Victoria and Australian Film Television Radio School.

Every episode (5 x 5 mins) throws the heroine into a new field, a new situation, a new conflict; entering into the lives of Chinese migrants during the most crucial moments and tasked with voicing their grievances, passions and pleas to the wider Australian community.

Lillian stutters and stumbles her way through a world of “hectic” cultural misunderstanding. The series is inspired by Melbourne writer and director Grace Feng Fang Juan’s professional experience as an interpreter.

Social Media

Instagram: @girl_interpreted
Weibo: @莉莉译东西官微
About the filmmaker:
Grace Feng Fang Juan is a writer and filmmaker based in Melbourne. Actively engaged with the multilingual and trans-cultural space, she writes in Chinese and in English languages, exploring the in-betweenness and fluidity created by her diaspora experience through different mediums.Grace grew up in a rural town in Guangdong called DragonHead Mountain. She came to Australia in 2006 to study Master ofCreative Media – Film and Television Production at RMIT University and subsequently worked as a Mandarin and Cantonese interpreter.Grace participated in both the Victorian and National TalentCamp in 2018, facilitated by AFTRS and Film Victoria. Their support assisted Grace to develop her independent project GIRL, INTERPRETED. The production was principally funded by ScreenAustralia.Outside of her creative practice, Grace works at the ABC as Audience and Content Expert – Chinese.