NüVoices Podcast #23: Reimagining Hong Kong’s political communities

Jessie Lau is a writer, editor, and researcher from Hong Kong who explores identity, human rights, and politics. Her writing has been published by The Economist, Foreign Policy, The Diplomat, and Quartz, among others. In this episode, Lau speaks with Hong Kong-Canadian journalist and NüVoices chair Joanna Chiu about the generational divides and diverging opinions on the Hong Kong protests that have torn apart families. The episode also explores how the protests have made people reconsider what it means to be a Hongkonger and a member of the Hong Kong diaspora. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Lau is also the manager of the NüVoices London chapter and the editor-in-chief of the digital magazine NüStories, which aims to amplify minority voices. Previously, she was a Hong Kong and China reporter with the South China Morning Post. She divides her time between London and Hong Kong.


For self-care, Lau recommends reaching out to support networks regardless of their political expertise, and to learn more about the ongoing situation in Hong Kong, she recommends Lausan. Joanna recommends the Hong Kong Free Press and this list of journalists who cover the protests in Hong Kong, which was put together by Laurel Chor.

26:06: Transnational solidarity

31:04: Mainlanders and Hongkongers

36:17: What’s to come in 2020?

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