London’s Papergang Theatre presents FREEDOM HI 自由閪: A show exploring the Hong Kong protests


We invite you to come and watch our show Freedom Hi 自由閪: A compilation of new writing and performance art by UK based Hong Kong and British East Asian artists.

Drawing both on experiences of the front lines of protest and the diasporic experience of watching traumatic events unfold through digital platforms, this show explores the chaotic and fractured nature of the fight for freedom. We don’t know how this ends, this will never end-everything about this show is subject to change. It will be running from March 10 to 15 at The Vaults, Leake Street. Buy tickets here!

Peace is not peaceful
Acquiescence is violence


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** Join the East Asian Resistance by participating through Telegram. Audience members are kindly asked to voluntarily create a pseudonym account on the Telegram app. Pre-book a ticket to receive more information. (This is an optional part of the performance.)**

Artist line up: Bonnie Chan, Ghost Chan, John Chan, Yik Sau Chung, Angela Wai-Nok Hui, Jennifer Lim, Isabella Leung, Daniel York Loh, Shum Yui Ping, Gabby Wong.
Compiled by Kim Pearce for Papergang Theatre.
Produced by Clarissa Widya for Papergang Theatre.

Freedom HI is supported by Arts Council England

Image by Alexander Newton / Image Design by Kim Pearce

About Papergang Theatre

Papergang Theatre company is a theatre company with the aim of improving the representation of British East Asian culture across the dramatic arts primarily in UK theatre. We produce work that is informed by the East Asian experience within Britain and the diaspora, inspired by the desire to see that perspective on stage.

British East Asian culture and East Asian culture of the diaspora, is a unique amalgamation of Eastern and Western customs. There is no formula for this culture which can manifest itself in East and West mixtures of varying degrees but with the overriding factor that it is not solely one, nor the other. It is a recognisable and yet unique experience. Visit our website.