NüVoices Podcast #114: Indigenous culture, politics and activism in Taiwan, a Conversation with Tuhi Martukaw

In the latest episode of our series focusing on Taiwan, Solarina Ho speaks with Tuhi Martukaw, an Indigenous policy advocate, journalist, community organizer.

Solarina and Tuhi delve into what it means to be Indigenous, what reconciliation and activism look like today, as well as the communities’ complicated relationship with Taiwan politics and Taiwanese settlers. Tuhi shares her own journey of how she connected with her roots and addresses some common misconceptions. We discuss the history, politics, and political structures that impacted  (and continue to impact)  Indigenous communities across the island.

About our guest:

Tuhi Martukaw is an Indigenous policy advocate, journalist, community organizer from the Pinuyumayan Nation, one of Taiwan’s 16 recognized Indigenous groups. She is the founder of LIMA, the Taiwan Indigenous Youth Working Group. Between 2010 and 2015, she was co-chair of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus at the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

About our host:

Solarina Ho is a freelance reporter and writer with two decades of journalism experience, most of which was spent at Reuters. She currently writes on a broad range of health, general, and business news for various publications and organizations, with a particular focus on COVID-19. Her personal areas of interest include topics related to China, women’s issues, media/journalism, immigration, the environment, space exploration, technology, and pop culture (with a particular weakness for Asian dramas). She’s on Twitter @shtweet