NüVoices Podcast #26: Di Wang on LGBTQ rights and representation in China

Di Wang is a feminist researcher and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She joined NüVoices co-host Cindy Gao in Brooklyn to converse about the LGBTQ movement that is underway in China. In this episode, they discuss some of the social and legal challenges that gay and transgender individuals face, the rights that are afforded to members of China’s LGBTQ community, and terms used by that community to self-identify as well as how they came about.

5:13: What rights are afforded to LGBTQ community members in China?

11:28: Is Taiwan’s legalization of same-sex marriage a turning point?

20:02: Chinese slang terms used in the LGBTQ community

36:53: How does status in the workplace affect inclusion?


Cindy: The book In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China, by Michael Meyer.

Di: Endlings, a play by Celine Song.