NüVoices and YCW London presents: Gender and climate change in China

NüVoices and Young China Watchers London invites you to join our digital panel:

Gender and climate change in China with Karoline Kan (China environmental journalist, NüVoices Board Member) and Zongqi Yu (Climate change activist and Chinese Youth Delegate, 24th UN Climate Change Conference) moderated by Jessie Lau (Journalist, NüVoices Board Member)

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020

• 12:00 (London)

• 19:00 (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing & Singpoare)

• 13:00 (Brussels & Berlin)

As climate change precipitates societal and geopolitical changes in China and beyond, NüVoices and YCW London recognise the growing need to scrutinise both climate discourse and the gendered aspects of environmental change. This panel will discuss the role of women and young people as drivers of Chinese environmental activism; the often sexist, classist and xenophobic discourse of population growth in relation to climate change in China; and the challenges of fostering awareness as well as driving forward effective policy changes.

NüVoices and YCW London are delighted to host in conversation Karoline Kan and Zongqi Yu, who both work on issues at the intersection between gender and climate change. Jessie Lau, journalist and board member of NüVoices, will moderate.



Karoline is a Chinese environmental journalist and winner of the 2019 Young China Watcher of the Year Award. Her work was recognised in 2016 by the International China Journalists Association and was awarded with an Honourable Mention by The Society of Publishers in Asia Awards. Her 2019 book, Under Red Skies is the first English memoir by a Chinese millennial.

Zongqi Yu, a 18-year-old climate activist from Beijing, China, is currently a student at the University of Michigan who intended to pursue Environmental Engineering and Public Policy. Zongqi has been active in the field of Climate Change advocacy for the past four years. In November 2017 and August 2019, Zongqi visited the Antarctic Peninsula and the Svalbard Islands and organized a series of educational events afterwards. Zongqi also participated in the organization of International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change for the past four years. Because of her hard work, she was selected as a Chinese Youth Delegate to attend the 24th UN Climate Change Conference at Katowitz, Poland.
Jessie Lau is a journalist, researcher and artist from Hong Kong covering identity, human rights and politics—with a focus on China and other parts of Asia. Her work has been published by The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Channel 4 News, The Nation and The Economist, among others. She serves as a Board Member and Online Editor-in-Chief at NüVoices, and was formerly a Hong Kong and China reporter with the South China Morning Post. Website: www.laujessie.com. Twitter: @_laujessie
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