NüVoices Podcast #74: Business, billionaires, and global supply chain woes with journalist Hope King

Business reporter Hope King joins the podcast this week on a conversation about China’s pandemic lockdowns impacting global supply chains, the surprising amount of female self-made billionaires, and multinational companies pulling out of Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Later on, Hope discusses her career pivot from finance to journalism and growing up in various parts of the US as a Chinese American. Sophia Yan,  NüVoices board member (and Hope’s former colleague at CNN) hosts today’s episode.

About Hope King: Hope is a business reporter at Axios, covering everything from the markets and the economy, to trending companies such as Tesla, Apple and Twitter. She’s also the host of thanks to THKS, the first Asian American talk show on YouTube. Prior to that she was an anchor for Cheddar, a live streaming financial news network and a tech reporter with CNN in New York. Before pursuing journalism, Hope had a life in finance, and worked on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch for seven years.

About Sophia Yan: Sophia Yan is China Correspondent for the Telegraph, based in Beijing, and has covered East Asia for a decade.


Hope recommends the TV series Pachinko, based on the novel with the same name, by Min Jin Lee.

Sophia recommends Hope’s talk show THKS, YouTube’s first Asian American talk show, founded by journalists of Asian descent.


Hope recommends meditating each day while Sophia recommends a yoga breathing exercise.