NüVoices Podcast Episode #108: #MeToo in Taiwan, a Conversation with Darice Chang and Rita Jhang

It has been more than half a year since a Facebook post referencing the Netflix drama Wave Makers sparked a wave of #MeToo revelations across Taiwanese society. In this episode, we trace the origins of the movement, what has happened since, and where things stand going forward with guests Darice Chang and Rita Jhang. Alongside host Solarina Ho, they also share their insights and perspectives on the attitudes and conflicts over #MeToo issues,feminism, the challenges that arise when competing concerns get in the way, and the intersection of #MeToo with the upcoming Taiwan election.

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Self-care tips:
Getting a cat (or two or three!) for self-care, getting out into nature, finding people who support you, who can be your “charging station”, eaing healthier (can be delicious too), meditation

About our guests:
Darice Chang is a non-binary Taiwanese American writer, artist, activist, journalist, host, speaker, and filmmaker. They were featured in the Netflix docuseries “Midnight Asia” for their drag performance. As an activist they are concerned with intersectional trans-inclusive women’s rights, human rights, veganism & animal rights, consistent anti-oppression, climate change mitigation & ethical sustainable living. They are currently working on an independent documentary highlighting the gender non-conforming experience in Taiwan.

JhuCin Rita Jhang is an activist, podcast host, and teacher. She’s a project assistant professor at the Global Health Program at National Taiwan University and a long-time gender equity and tongzhi/LGBTQ+ rights activist. Her podcast show Z Green Party Z色派對 provides social commentaries on gender, sex, sexuality, and other social issues.

About our host:
Solarina Ho is a freelance reporter and writer with two decades of journalism experience, most of which was spent at Reuters. She currently writes on a broad range of health, general, and business news for various publications and organizations, with a particular focus on COVID-19. Her personal areas of interest include topics related to China, women’s issues, media/journalism, immigration, the environment, space exploration, technology, and pop culture (with a particular weakness for Asian dramas). She’s on Twitter @shtweet