NüVoices Podcast #1: News assistants in China

In this debut episode of the NüVoices podcast, Alice Xin Liu and Joanna Chiu interview two Chinese women who work as news assistants for foreign media in China. News assistants are sometimes dubbed “researchers,” though really are journalists who rarely get the glory of a top-of-the-page byline like foreign correspondents, despite often doing much of the journalistic legwork.

Alice and Joanna also discuss what the NüVoices editorial collective is, how it got started, its focus on women writers, makers, artists, and its reach so far. Their personal approach to feminism is different, but they share a love for intersectionality and its relationship to China affairs.

Alice Xin Liu is a writer and translator (Granta, n+1, The Guardian, Asymptote), a former editor at Pathlight, an advocate of self-care for women, a CrossFitter, and an Acroyoga monkey. Joanna Chiu has worked as a foreign correspondent most recently for AFP, covering politics, civil society, and legal affairs for China and Mongolia (she also owns a really cute cat). You might also know Joanna for starting the Directory of Female Experts on Greater China.

In the future of this biweekly podcast, Alice and Joanna will explore the work of women in media and the arts in Greater China, the impact of sexual harassment, abuses of power, international and domestic politics, and their own personal stories. Their guests will also, occasionally, be male.

This podcast is wholly coordinated by the NüVoices board, with production by SupChina. All opinions of guests and presenters belong to the individuals alone and do not reflect the views of NüVoices. Follow them on Twitter at @nuvoices.