NüVoices Podcast #3: Meet fantasy writer Mima, who aspires to create China’s Game of Thrones

In this third episode of the NüVoices Podcast, Alice Xin Liu is joined by Sophie Lu, a board member of NüVoices who works in the cleantech and environment space. Sophie will be a rotating co-host with Alice and Joanna Chiu for future episodes!

Our guest this week is fantasy writer Mima, known in China as Qima 七马 (she says she picked that name for her Chinese readers because “it looks like a man’s name…Of course, I don’t like that”). Her fantasy novel The Legend of Strangers 蝼蚁传 is a road adventure told in a style that melds Quentin Tarantino’s quirky violence with Miyazaki whimsy. Although untranslated (for now), The Legends of Strangers is the first in a series of six novels. Right now, Mima is working with Youku, one of China’s biggest video-streaming services, scripting the novels into a hotly anticipated Web series. We expect her to be the next George R. R. Martin.

NüVoices has just launched an official WeChat account, which you can follow by searching “NüVoices女音” on the social media platform, and a new website will be launched in September, so watch this space!

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On a final note, we’re co-presenting, with the local arts collective Spittoon, an event in Beijing on Tuesday, August 28, called Spittunes, in which musicians and poets collaborate to create special musical pieces inspired by the poet’s words. Check it out if you’re in town! Three pairs of poets/musicians will be taking part, including SupChina’s very own Anthony Tao.