Event Recap: NüVoices’ Hong Kong chapter talks #MeToo and LGBT issues in China


On October 4, the NüVoices community in Hong Kong got together for an open discussion to share thoughts and views on different topics. In light of recent MeToo-news and development in China and Hong Kong, twelve community members working in law, news and media, business, academia and NGOs met over an informal dinner setting at Sohofama.

Following the latest MeToo-related news, the conversation quickly evolved around an article published on South China Morning Post about the journalist accused of sexual misconduct speaking out publicly for the first time in a podcast interview. As many community members work in news and media, they agreed on that this was a case that has stood out and stirred the foreign media industry in China, as similar cases have impacted industries in other countries.
Apart from sharing stories of how the MeToo-movement had created awareness and impacted members personally, comparative perspectives from US and China were also brought to the table. Differences in the rule of law between the US and China, for example, may affect how the movement and public reaction turns out differently in the two countries.
Conversations also evolved around the LGBT community in Hong Kong and China, including challenges they faced. The presence and impact of technology were also brought up, as topics of data gathering, government control and monitoring have frequently made news headlines during the past year.
“It was great to have members from different areas come together here; journalists, lawyers, researchers, – we even had members based in Shenzhen and Beijing joining us”, said Anna Zhan, community volunteer who organized this event. “I believe that one of the strenghts of the NüVoices collective is that it gathers international people with strong ties to Hong Kong, China and other countries. These people have one foot in the local culture and one foot in another culture, which brings nuanced views to the table and sparks interesting conversations.”
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About the organizer: Anna is a Hong Kong-based young professional working as a consultant helping foreign companies grow in Asian markets. She is able to leverage her Swedish-Chinese cultural background and language skills to strengthen business relations across borders and bring more sustainable solutions to the world.