NüVoices Podcast #12: Shui, on Beijing’s ‘zine scene

In the 12th episode of the NüVoices podcast, Alice Xin Liu and Sophie Lu interview Shuilam Wong, who goes by Shui, a comic artist who partnered with Jinna Kaneko to create the Hole in the Wall Collective with Jinna Kaneko. The two high school friends met back up in the city and decided to create their own indie zines (self-published magazines). We talked to Shui about being born in Tokyo and raised in Beijing and London (where she went to Camberwell College of Arts, and where she feels like she belongs to no particular place). We also discussed her artwork, which utilizes broad brushstrokes and a free-form sketch style to depict scenes inspired by a variety of characters in everyday life. Shui notes that her style is partially inspired by Old Master Q (老夫子), a classic Chinese comic. For recommendations, Alice recommends Sexy Beijing (www.sexybeijing.tv), and especially its star and producer, Anna Sophie Loewenberg, a precursor to all the badass females in her life. Sexy Beijing was a project that Loewenberg created with Jeremy Goldkorn and Luke Mines. Sophie recommends Woman World, a graphic novel published by Drawn & Quarterly and based on an Instagram comic about a world without men. Our guest, Shui, recommends yoga and a très noir French Pinocchio comic book by Winshluss.

This podcast was edited and produced by Jason MacRonald.