Sinobabble Podcast Call for Guest Speakers

Sinobabble, a new podcast covering historical and modern China, is looking for guest speakers!
Sinobabble is a relaxing, educational podcast covering China’s modern history, current events, and featuring academic analyses of China’s politics, society, and culture in a variety of mini-series. Starting with the history of the 20th century, this podcast aims to explore all facets of the history of China, from the major events to the smallest local changes, to give you a full picture of the development of one of the world’s most powerful nations.
If you’re an expert in any area of Chinese art, religion, politics, culture, or economics, both past and present, please get in touch with Sinobabble host Edi at ediobiakpani@gmail.com for a chance to appear on the podcast! You don’t have to be an academic, just passionate and knowledgeable about your chosen topic. Looking forward to hearing from you!
About Edi

Portrait of Sinobabble’s Host. Photo Credit: Edi.
I’m a Hong Kong-based PhD student who has studied and lived in China over the course of seven years. As an aspiring historian and teacher, I created Sinobabble as a project to articulate and share what I have learnt with anyone who’s interested in knowing more about China’s history, and its impact on modern China.