Freelance: How to pitch Ariana magazine

Launched in 2018, Ariana is a print and digital publication that focuses on social justice issues in Hong Kong, Macao and greater Asia. With an aim to inform and empower, each instalment of the magazine delves deep into an overarching theme – Sexual Violence, Cancer, LGBT+ issues, Reproductive Rights, Refugees – to shed light on outdated and/or discriminatory practices, explore unexpected intersections, and hear personal stories from under-represented voices. Alongside articles about hardship and injustice, we also celebrate all that’s good in the world, from inspiring women leaders to passionate grassroots initiatives that are changing the world one step at a time.

We produce our web content in-house, but we commission print magazine features from freelance contributors. Here’s how to pitch us:

Pitching Guidelines

Since each magazine issue covers a specific theme, please only pitch ideas that relate to these upcoming topics:

  • Winter 2020 – Disabilities (both mental and physical)
  • Spring 2021 – Gender Equality
  • Summer 2021 – Prisons

We’re open to all kinds of feature ideas, from investigative articles to profiles, personal essays and opinion pieces. When formulating your ideas, please consider the following:

  • Hong Kong, Macao & Asia focus – Generally we focus on this region and will prioritize local and regional angles. However, should you have a high-profile interviewee or a fresh global angle in the US or Europe, could work for a dispatch
  • Women – We prefer that stories focus on women and children, whenever possible
  • People – We care deeply about humans, so who will you talk with to bring the story to life?
  • Timing – Why now?
  • Perspective – We love stories that intersect with another field, such as psychology, science, business, culture, law, history, health etc.
  • Visuals – Should the story be photographed, illustrated, explained with graphs… how do you picture us presenting this story on the page?

Please summarize your pitch/pitches in 2-3 sentences with working headlines and send to: Managing Editor Kate Springer, kate@arianalife.com