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Resources for China watchers to fight anti-Black racism

At NüVoices, we are an international collective of creators and researchers devoted to celebrating the diverse work of self-identified women and non-binary voices on greater China (broadly defined).

NüVoices strongly believes in intersectionality, which means we encourage community members to recognize the ways different kinds of injustices on the basis of factors such as race, class and gender intersect and overlap.

Most of our podcasts, stories and events prominently feature people of non-white and LGBTQ backgrounds, which have historically been sidelined in the “Western” world’s research and discussions about the Asia-Pacific region.

As the #BlackLivesMatter movement has gained momentum internationally, many are grappling with the ways in which our communities have been complicit in anti-Black racism. While many China watchers have been focused on critiquing human rights and political issues in China, what can we do to better stand in solidarity with all BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour?)

When police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, three other officers were present, including Tou Thao. He has been charged, along with two other former officers, with felony aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Thao’s active participation in Floyd’s death has rightfully sparked calls for Asian communities to better address the ways in which anti-Blackness is embedded into many Asian cultures and societies.

Members of NüVoices are collecting and sharing resources for China watchers to take part in anti-racism efforts. We must all play a role.

We will continuously add to this list. Please contact us to provide feedback or to share more resources and suggestions. We’re looking for a translator to convert this document into simplified or traditional Chinese.


Black and Asian feminist solidarities: A reading list

A reading and teaching guide to the history of Black and African connections with China 

Human Rights Watch briefing on Covid-19 Discrimination in China Against Africans 

Readings and calls to action collected by the Asian American Advocacy Fund – Asians for Black Lives

Podcast: Understand the history of Sino-Black relations with Keisha Brown

Podcast: Understand challenges of BIPOC journalists in mainstream broadcast media 

Resource Guide: Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

DOC: Anti-Racism Resource for Asian Americans

DOC: Anti-Racism Resources for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Support 180 Black-owned businesses 

BIPOC in Higher Education: Cultivating Healthy Students

Chinese-language Resources 

Jennifer Wong has translated many #BLM resources into Simplified Chinese, including donation methods, petitions, and reading list. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_nye00bJOrAEWGBHQo71B_fpQAO4plB2OKmHO_ASZH4/edit?usp=sharing 

“I Am Not Your Negro” (English & Chinese subtitles) 2017 film 

More Chinese-language resources listed by Izzy Niu here https://mobile.twitter.com/Izzy_Niu/status/1268915323811569671 


如何理解 Black Lives Matters?暴動是不被傾聽者的語言 (陳啟睿&周永康)







Amplify Black voices & perspectives on issues related to the greater China region. An open source project with a directory of experts affiliated with Columbia Law School. Add or view experts here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZHB2CnuGgqqgU1wPeijYAekWuyTIgqqd_dZj_PcqnUw/edit#gid=0 

Letters for Black Lives (an open letter project for starting discussions): List of translated letters including Cantonese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Bilingual letter: Why #BLM Matters to Asian Americans 为什么#BLM和我们美国亚裔息息相关

Templates to send letters for Black lives in 23 languages 

Guide to dismantling anti-Blackness at home 

Black Lives Matter: Resources and suggestions for global actions


115 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color


The BIPOC Project aims to build authentic and lasting solidarity among Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), in order to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy and advance racial justice.

Support “Black Voices on China”, an open source project affiliated with Columbia Law School that aims to amplify Black voices & perspectives on issues related to the greater China region https://www.facebook.com/blackvoicesonchina 

Support Black China Caucus, an organization empowering and amplifying Black voices in the China space. https://www.blackchinacaucus.org/ 


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