NüVoices Podcast #54: Telling Asian and Asian-American stories through video journalism, with Dolly Li

Dolly Li is an award-winning independent video journalist, filmmaker, and correspondent. She is the former host of an award-winning AJ+ (Al Jazeera) show, Untold America, as well as a co-founder of the digital publication Goldthread, which was incubated at the South China Morning Post.

​In this wide-ranging conversation with Cindy Gao, Dolly talks about video journalism and the power of visual storytelling, documenting multi-generational immigrant and Asian-American stories, and navigating her own evolving identity throughout her years living and working around the world.


Cindy: The PBS film series Asian Americans and The Chinese Exclusion Act, documentary ab the life and work of Grace Lee Boggs, and the Netflix TV series Hip-Hop Evolution

Dolly: Lot, by Bryan Washington, and this interview featuring Bryan Washington and Ocean Vuong.