APPLY: Queer China UK’s Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme


Queer China UK is launching the winter edition of its Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme, and we’re calling for applicants!

Our leadership programme takes place over a period of four months from October to February, and pairs mentees with experienced international professors, activists, LGBTQ+ leaders and organisers. Taking place over Zoom this year, it will provide mentees with access to a diverse programme of speakers and workshops.

About us

We’re a community-focused innovation incubator that aims to facilitate greater connectivity between queer communities in different countries and tackle gender inequality, LGBTQ+ discrimination and racism from both intersectional and global perspectives. Connect:

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Programme goals

  • Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ and other equality issues mainly in Chinese communities around the world; 
  • Encourage more people to become gender equality campaigners with international perspectives and nonviolent spirits;
  • Support the development of queer Chinese and allies as leaders to make changes in their fields.
  • Build a transnational network centered on connection and activism;
  • Facilitate the international solidarity and connectivity among queer communities.

Application Requirements

(1) Open to the Chinese-speaking people around the world, who want to make contributions to LGBTQ+ community in their areas; who hope to get involved in gender equality movement in the future; or those who want to know more like-minded peers. If you are not from the Chinese-speaking community but want to participate, you are also welcome!

(2) There are no restrictions on sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities, etc., of our applicants. 

(3) As for language, Intermediate Chinese and basic English are required.

More details on our mentors, application process and programme schedule here

About Qiuyan Chen

Qiuyan is founder of Queer China UK and an LGBT activist, mentor and social innovator. A member of the Global Advisory Committee at the Equal Asia Foundation and curator of the Queer Chinese Art Festival 2021 in the UK, she holds a Gender Studies degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Between 2014 and 2017 she pursued three lawsuits against the Chinese Ministry of Education and a higher education publishing house over homophobic textbooks. Qiuyan is also the initiator of China’s “ Say No to Homophobic Textbooks”  campaign to promote equal rights in and beyond LGBT inclusive education. 

Since 2019, she has worked as founder and director at Queer China UK, curated the LGBT tour series in Chinese in the British Museum and launched Transnational Chinese Queer Leadership Programme. She has strong experience working on both China-based and UK-based human rights organisations and social enterprises.