NüVoices is hiring a podcast producer!

The NüVoices podcast is looking for a new producer! We’d love someone who is experienced in audio editing, cutting tape, and working with hosts to create compelling bi-weekly episodes (every two weeks). You’ll be working with Megan Cattel, who is stepping back from podcast production to focus on editing and big picture planning. 

Entry-level candidates and recent grads are welcome to apply. Ideally, we’re looking for someone interested in current events, pop culture, and politics in China/Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan with a feminist perspective. 

This position does not require booking guests or doing pre-research for hosts. 

Essential duties include:

• Editing audio; cutting down tape while keeping the most compelling parts of an interview 

• Assembling podcast episodes (with intro music, interview section, musical transitions, outro music, and credits) 

• Communicating with Megan on scripting and sound design  

• Building complete segments of the podcast by editing, scripting and linking two or more related pieces, music and other elements.

• Assisting with remote production–help guests and hosts with recording remotely before (and possibly during) interviews

Bonus points if you can also…

• Draft web copy and audiogram promo materials for social media channels

• Set up our platforms to livestream  events/interviews 

Podcast producers will be paid $120 USD per episode.

Interested? Send a brief email to nuvoices@protonmail.com by June 24 with your qualifications and how the NüVoices mission resonates with you. 

About the NüVoices Podcast

The NüVoices podcast features badass women and non-binary creatives whose work and lives are connected to China. The show highlights their diverse professional contributions as well as their rich inner lives related to identity and (mis/under) representation. Hosts set the stage for listeners to get to know our guests & engage with their wealth of expertise and passions. Backed by Patreon supporters, we have a loyal audience and are consistently among the top 10 per cent of global podcast downloads. We have been named by Time Out and FOCUS magazines as one of the best podcasts on China, and FeedSpot ranked us among the top podcasts on China.

About NüVoices

NüVoices’ mission is to amplify women and non-binary voices on China.  Founded in 2018, we support, nurture, and celebrate the amazing, diverse experts and creators in this field, to publish their work, and shout about it from the rooftops (at our events and on our podcast). Our primary aim is to showcase the work of women writers, researchers, translators and artists, as well as those who identify as non-binary. We also celebrate the work of BIPOC artists, creators and researchers, and our programming has addressed the marginalization of voices of Chinese people and the Chinese diaspora from China-focused storytelling.