Podcast Crossover: Self-Evident, ‘A Day at the Mall’

Hello from our summer hiatus! While we’re away, the pod squad is thrilled to share episodes from podcasts we love and admire. This week, we have an episode from Self-Evident, a podcast for reported stories, personal histories, and participatory local events — all by and about Asian Americans.

Podcast co-host and NüVoices board member Cindy Gao introduces today’s episode. Thank you Cindy!
(Description below courtesy of Self-Evident. Episode was originally aired on January 18, 2021.)

When producer Erica Mu moved back to her hometown in 2014, she said goodbye to a past life without any idea what exactly her new life should look like. Looking for the most grounded place she could find, she went to the local mall early one morning, turned on her tape recorder, and started talking to everyone she could meet.

As Erica made her way through this sprawling landscape of mostly Chinese businesses in one of the most East Asian cities in the country, she peeked into the dreams, annoyances, and love lives of dim sum diners, shop owners, security guards, young children, young parents, weightlifters, all-night partiers, and one very skilled harmonica player.

But as she grasped for some universal truth that would tie all the threads of the mall, Erica realized that the unpredictable, unresolved mess of everyday life is exactly what makes it something to treasure.”