NüVoices Podcast #80: A Conversation with Emily Feng, NPR’s Beijing Correspondent

We’re kicking off our fall 2022 season with a special conversation between Emily Feng of NPR and Joanna Chiu, NüVoices chair and co-founder. 

In this episode, Emily walks us through her hard-hitting reporting from the frontlines in Ukraine, her groundbreaking investigations in Xinjiang, to a viral controversy surrounding her radio report on 螺螄粉 luósīfěn / snail noodles

Emily also discusses the beginning of her journalism career in China—from freelancing, landing a job at the Financial Times, and eventually becoming NPR’s Beijing correspondent in 2019, where she is still based today.

We also get a behind-the-scenes look at how Emily reported her Rough Translation episode on  丧文化 / the sang subculture, which took the Chinese internet by storm last year. (Check out your podcast feed where we crossposted this episode on August 24th, 2022. A special thank you to NPR and Rough Translation for collaborating with us.)

Learn more about Emily and her reporting here.  


Forever is a Long Time, a five-part series featuring conversations about divorce, all taking place between relatives of one family.

Self-care tips:

Emily has been exercising before bed (as she gets sleepy after a workout!) and listening to music to unwind.