NüVoices Podcast #99: Introducing our Taiwan Mini-Series, Yu-Jie Chen on China-Taiwan relations

For the next half year leading up to the elections in Taiwan, we will be bringing you a mini-series focusing entirely on the island, from domestic politics to its relationship to neighboring China.

For this first installment of the Taiwan mini-series, host Sophia Yan speaks to Yu-Jie Chen, an assistant research fellow from Academic Sinica who focuses on Human Rights and International relations with a specific focus on cross-strait relations.

Not only does Yu-Jie provide listeners with one of the clearest, most succinct summaries of three hundred years of Taiwanese history, but she also delves into how political and personal identities on the island have changed in the past three decades. With cross-strait tensions worsening in recent years, what does the future hold for Taiwan?

Yu-Jie also explains how the ambiguity of the 1992 Consensus has caused the modern-day complexities in the region.

Taiwan is so much more than the occasional headline, so make sure you don’t miss this episode!


About Yu-Jie Chen

Yu-Jie is an assistant research fellow at Academica Sinica, a top research institute in Taipei, where she focuses on human rights, law, and international relations concerning China and Taiwan. She has a doctorate from the NYU School of Law and advanced degrees from Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. She also worked for Human Rights in China (HRIC), an NGO, and previously worked for Lee and Li, an international law firm based in Taipei.

About Sophia Yan

Sophia Yan is a NüVoices board member, host of the podcast, and foreign correspondent for The Daily Telegraph currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Yan has previously worked as a reporter for Bloomberg News, Asia Business Reporter for CNNMoney, and the Beijing correspondent at CNBC.